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Tokens and Digital Assets

We can build an NFT platform in record time. We've built token frameworks for creating, transferring, and tracking fungible and non-fungible tokens.

Financial Services

From building digital currency (stable coins, CBDC, crypto), to building a bonds marketplace (issue, purchase, and trade fix-rate bonds) to loan processing (approval and underwriting)


Claim processing (Receive claims from claimants, and approve or reject a claim) and Subrogation (Manage the debt or damages from the third party by tracking the claims and recovered funds).

Healthcare and public health

Manage patient records using a cloud storage service and a private ledger with ZKP verification. Manage laboratory tests and results with controlled sharing of information. Manage and track patient conditions and vitals. Comply with HIPAA regulations using blockchain technology.

Supply Chain and Shipping

Use blockchain technology to manage all critical components of shipping including location-tracking and sensor data for temperature-based SLA.

Legal, Compliance, Corporate Governance

Manage corporate records using a cloud storage service and a private ledger with ZKP verification. KYC for B2B: Include multiple parties and processes in a single application. Provide a transparent and diligent preview to the customers and regulators with blockchain.

Build on any Blockchain.

We offer a fully managed solution or can build on any platform you choose.

Hyperledger Fabric

Private Hyperledger Fabric DLT. Single party trust model. Managed Ledgers are running on shared networks managed by Ultrix.

Distributed Fabric

Transform your ledger to a distributed ledger (multi-party trust model). Deployment to a ledger on a dedicated network if needed.

Ethereum / Layer 2

Deployment of Dapps on the Ethereum or Layer 2 Chains (Polygon).

Other Blockchains

Full API service to extend to other public of private blockchain services (Solana, Stellar, Ripple, Binance, etc)

Build anything with Blockchain Technology.

From finance to health to logistics to sales and anything else.


We can offer the service that's right for you.

3 alternatives

We have three different ways of building your blockchain project.


Staff augmentation

We provide fully-vetted, hi quality blockchain developers for your current development team.


Dedicated team

We put together a high-level blockchain development team and manage the development process with you.


Full Project Development

We build the whole project in-house according to your need and with constant feedback for a flat rate.

Blockchain Agnostic

Rust, Solidity, Vyper? We can build for the blockchain that fits your needs.


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